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Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince

Now remember by reading all the novels that I’ve experienced the entire Harry Potter series (like they used to do). Maybe afterward my judgement is tainted as I am only able to name one movie after reading the novel that measures up to my expectations (from which it was based) .

With my anticipations at an all-time high and that being said (as I greatly appreciated the sixth novel), you’d believe Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince’s movie will be a disappointment. You’d be incorrect.



The largest monetary success in the Harry Potter show was the fifth movie (Order of the Phoenix). Oddly, it was the too long and least fascinating novel. David Yates (director) revealed that with tighter editing and cast that was right, it’s not impossible to make a movie better than its source content. It turned out to be a move that was good afterward, to let Yates to continue telling the story until its decision (Yates is directing both parts and directed 6). His dash is to say the least that is enviable. There’s no doubt that throughout Half Blood Prince and Order of the Phoenix specific components were missing in the story.harry potter

A fresh character was introduced in the shape of Professor Slughorn (played by Jim Broadbent) in Half Blood Prince. Broadbent shines in this part as the potions master having an eye for the outstanding and a secret to conceal. It’s odd that to an audience, a lifting of an eyebrow can talk volumes with some performers.

The first child performers: playing with Harry, Hermione and Ron have definitely gotten better over time. Actually the only issue is that who acts well within a group (banter between Harry, Ron and Hermione) but is not useful when she’s talking one on one. I am not convinced that Hermione) will have any kind of performing profession beyond Harry Potter’s universe.

The setting is (as always) rather beautiful but somehow I expect for uniformity through the movies. The Weasley family has seemingly shifted place since that last time Hagrid’s hut has seemingly moved several miles from the fortress (since the first movie) and towers that are new are added at will. Why could it be too much to ask through the movies for exactly the same sets? It’d be fine to have familiar surroundings although I realise that each director is looking to add their own twist on the stories.

It’s not a movie about a peculiar potions guide but in fact a love story between a sort of passing on of a blowtorch and teens. This makes for many squirmish minutes as Ginny and Harry (and Hermione) dance around each other .

It’s tremendously interesting, along with being enjoyable in all the appropriate spots, has characters that you will be not ungrateful to see and old faces.

The final scenes were managed exceptionally well (with negligible alterations made from your first storyline) and all would have already been nicely if they’d finished when the screen faded to black. Sadly someone believed it necessary to add another unneeded scene which ends the movie generically. A film’s end is certainly vital for a fantastic review. I haven’t ever given 5 stars to any movie that finished badly. If they’d cut out the unneeded chit chat (continuing) before the obligatory look at sunlight shot this would happen to be a solid and highly recommended 5 star movie.


The beginner to the show is a welcome addition and HBP is handled exceptionally well, despite it being a darker story; making it perfect for families. I will watch it!